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Industry Solutions

Embedding payments into merchant workflows.


Retail outlets want payments integrated directly into checkout POS register, with transactions started from the register and amounts automatically entered.  SmartPesa supports both large scale traditional retail using Windows Embedded through to small scale retail with micro-registers or modern web based POS systems.

  • Point-of-sale integrations
  • Per lane and per operator reporting
  • Lower acquiring operating cost
  • Loyalty scheme integrations
  • Detailed transaction reporting

Logistics and Mobile Trade Services

High volume, low value payments taken at client premises are complex for accounting departments to reconcile payments with deliveries made or services performed.  Furthermore, accepting cash is both risky and costly.  SmartPesa allows remote card acceptance with each payment automatically tied to its transaction.

  • Reduces cash management using mPOS
  • Enable card-on-delivery payments
  • Integrated into existing Merchant Apps (optional)
  • Per driver operator reporting & reconciliations
  • Streamline reconciliations

Collection Agents

Getting paid by customers is difficult for many businesses.  Allowing customers a range of ways to pay at their premises securely benefits both merchants and their customers.  SmartPesa embeds payments into agents’ existing applications to allow for fast simple collections.

  • Reduces cash management by allowing card payments
  • Faster loan collections and repayments
  • New customer enrolment & eKYC
  • Integrated into existing customer management system
  • Incorporates into workflow, such as loan approval

Insurance, Medical, and Dental Practises

Professional services have large number of clients who want payment convenience and security.  Traditional card acceptance has left these professionals with complex reconciliations at the end of every month.  SmartPesa integrates with the common systems to provide not only easy card acceptance but also automatic reconciliations.

  • Speed up payments and collections
  • Easy reconciliation of card payments
  • Across multiple device reporting
  • Greater accountability

Government Agencies

Each day Government departments make and receive thousands of payments for a variety of reasons such as taxes, rates, fines and benefits.  SmartPesa allows for convenient multi-location payments with automated reconciliations for Governmental departments.

  • Secure card-based disbursements to compliment Agency Banking
  • Payment for government services
  • Biometrics
  • Spending and geographic usage analysis
  • Detailed audit trails and transaction records

Better Cash Handling

Cash is expensive and risky. Cash earns no interest and can be stolen at any time. Theft and fraud are the #1 cited reasons for businesses concern in taking cash payments.

By accepting payments electronically, businesses limit their exposure to these costs and risks. Money is transferred directly into the nominated settlement account.

Cash is also inconvenient for customers. They would prefer to pay by card and receive electronic receipts.

Innovate New Solutions

Our agile payment gateway and cross-platform card acceptance allow you to innovate in your business domain.

SmartPesa consults and co-develops solutions for our clients across industries. We address the pain points in the operations from payments, collections, and reconciliations.

Consider mPOS use:

  • Direct Selling
  • Events & Ticketing
  • Insurance Companies
  • Home Services
  • Sales Organizations
  • Not For Profits
  • Property Management
  • Transportation
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