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Merchant cash advances backed by payment cashflows

SmartPesa powers SME business partnerships, extending beyond simple payment services to facilitate instant cashflow backed loans.  Whether it is a short term bridging loans to fund payroll or a longer term loan to allow for expansion, SmartPesa Credible covers credit risk decision making, loan offering and repayment services in an integrated package.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Pre-authorisation:  Credit risk engine using computes scores for merchants based on their transaction history and can estimate when businesses are likely to be short of cash (e.g. leading up to Christmas period)
  2. Direct offer and acceptance:  Personalised loan offer made directly to the decision maker from their existing trusted payment partner using the SmartPesa App (popup), email, SMS and/or phone call.  Acceptance is as simple as clicking a button on a phone
  3. Simplified repayment: Loan repayment is deducted from settlement proceeds from ongoing payment cashflows

Making loans simple, intelligent, instant and low cost not only generates significant interest income, it also improves customer experiences and increases stickiness.  Why would an SME apply for a loan from anywhere else?

Managing Risk – Intelligent Credit Scoring



Information and transactions captured by SmartPesa intelligent gateway are accurate and most importantly reflect actual cash flows. Credit risk models have high degrees of reliability given the breadth of reliable data



Analyzing the vast dataset of our information reveals relevant patterns of business behaviour – from activity and usage, through to popular days and seasonality across industries, and consumer spend trends.



SmartPesa platform gives greater insights into the business stability, cashflows, customer loyalty and repeat visits, across all payment channels from cards to QR and cash transactions.

Why SmartPesa for Lending?

Understanding Merchants

Adjust business processes to match merchants from settlement through to support

Integrated Risk Management

Package pre-approved loans to businesses that have already passed credit checks.

Simple Performance

Loans are repaid without business owners lifting a finger - they just transact as the do every day

Industry Trends

Monitor trends in changing consumer behaviour in spend, mode and geography (heatmaps).

Loyalty Programs

Create loyalty programs to grain greater stickiness by targeting these to specific merchant groups.

Payment Experience

Gain valuable insights on the merchant and customer experience during the checkout process

Cashflow Insights

Business Performance

Electronic payments provide valuable information on businesses credit worthiness. SmartPesa platform computes average, mean and deviations on daily, weekday, weekend and monthly transactions. Using these insights, we are able to create loan offers tailored to business owners.

Ability To Repay

Using big data to identify seasonality, business cycles, and merchant payment stability, SmartPesa assists in predicting the ability to repay loans. The rich data set allows us to tailor loans to a merchants specific needs and their ability to service the loans on time.

Credit Lines

Provide a convenient credit line facility for merchants to accept loans, and repay these with easy from daily cashflows. SmartPesa enables the collection of loan repayments directly from the daily acquiring activity simplifying the repayment burden to business owners.

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