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SmartPesa | Blockchain And Crypto ATM
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Blockchain And Crypto ATM

Provide customers easy access to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from payment terminals

Customers, especially those in remote areas, benefit from low cost cryptocurrencies (“cryptos”) but struggle to get easy access. SmartPesa brings crypto directly to the market, allowing customers to buy (and sell) cryptos, and allowing merchants to accept crypto payments for goods and services.

  • Real-time merchant payments via Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • Purchase of cryptocurrency (by cash or card)
  • Integration with Agency Banking functionality

To achieve this, we leverage our technology to extend our SmartPesa platform into blockchain – own nodes, and direct interface to the crypto network.

Integrating Into Bank Networks

Trusted and Convenient


Agents are the friendly faces of the bank in this new channel. They are trusted in their local communities. They assist new and existing customers in getting access to cryptos for purchases, remittances and investments.

Regulations and Cryptos


Existing and new customers complete the standard Know Your Customer requirements adding legitimacy to cryptocurrencies. Customers, merchants and banks benefit from certainty whilst our platform adapts to future regulatory changes.

Complementary with Existing Systems


SmartPesa Crypto ATM system is complementary to existing systems: banks do not need to change their infrastructure, branch network, POS distribution, ATM network or any other part of their system. SmartPesa already connects to bank hosts and core banking systems, and is deployed in-country to provide greater control and regulatory compliance.

Why Bitcoin and Crypto ATMs?

Virtual and Physical

Physical presence allows easy access to virtual cryptocurrencies.

Low Cost

Roll out and deploy Crypto ATM networks at greater speed and lower operational cost.

Reliable and Secure

Reliable proven banking solution with point-to-point encryption to safeguard all transactions.


Automatically tying public keys to known customers legitimises cryptos within banking.

Cold Storage

Allows customers to protect their cryptos with HSM stored private keys.

Grow Your Presence

Reach into the 'last mile' by providing crypto ATM and agency banking services closer to your customers.

Broadening Acceptance

Merchant Payment

With bitcoin and crypto going mainstream, and already recognised as legal tender in Japan and Australia, we give merchants the necessary tool to accept crypto currencies with real-time confirmation

Greater convenience

People want to use cryptocurrencies due to their convenience and low cost. Our Crypto ATM enables this interaction in a physical environment, especially in suburban areas where traditional banking touchpoints are few and far between.

Support and assistance

Agents assist customers in understanding cryptos, setting up wallets and aiding them through the transaction experience. They naturally educate customers to facilitate new transactions and also capture loan applications.

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